Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Goldwork yet again, almost done with the stitching

I have almost finished the Golden Lily, and goldwork is fun, not to mention pretty. I'm thinking of doing the lily again, this time on dark navy blue with silver threads. Or not, so many projects, so little time. Here is a a picture of the Lily as of now.
I have two more leaves to stitch in. I put the bright check pieces on the fabric so you can see how it looks pre and post cutting up. They are like little springy beads, and you run the needle up the hole in the center of the spring and sew them down just like beads. Pretty easy, really. Bright check is fun, it absolutely flashes in the sunlight.

I have been thinking about the Michele's Challenge pieces, and the first flower is going to have some goldwork on it.

The top left hand flower is the one I am doing. I think the stitches I will use (I am limited to two) will be satin and couching. I will be using the rounded piece of fabric that is over the pictures as the background. I have the hoop set up, and it is a fairly simple matter to transfer the design. I am getting excited about it, which I know because I was dreaming about doing this one last night.

THE Magpie

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