Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First I make shorts, on account of...

I am currently down to three pair I can wear out of the house, plus two former "wear in public" that have been relegated to pajama bottoms. So I have a pair in process in a very pretty turquoise green, plus the fabric to make same in beige, denim blue and a very pretty rich purple.

I decided to do the inner and outer leg seams in something called a french seam. Basically, you end up with a seam with no raw edges, that is, the edge of the fabric when you cut out a pattern piece. First, you sew a seam about 1/4 inch from the cut edge of fabric.
 Here are the inner leg seams done with the quarter inch border. The back side of the fabric, the part that will be inside the garment is placed together. After you finish the seam, you turn the fabric the other way round, and sew another seam so that you bind the raw edges between the first seam and the second. Iron the seams flat when you finish the second one.
This is a picture of the seam finished. I am going to sew the center back/front seam next. After I finish that, I sew the outer leg seams, then put in a casing for the elastic and put that in, hem the leg holes, and I am done. Then I am going to start on the dress. Here is a picture of the dress pattern cover. I am doing it in silk.
I think it will be pretty.

THE Magpie

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