Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hi to those still following, I am back--ish. Haven't been doing much stitching lately, but did pick up a couple books on kumihimo (Hi Tara, you inspired me) and tatting. Have to get to an opthamologist regarding my eyes--I have dry eyes and lately it has been affecting my ability to see what I stitch. So I did a lot of gardening this summer, and had a landscaper out to redo the boxes in front of my house. Then I paid my son to plant a couple hundred bulbs in them. Hopefully, this spring I shall have quite the display. Added five plumeria trees to my collection. Sadly, Granny Weatherwax did not make it through the summer. I'm going to try again next spring with a new avocado seed, and am thinking of trying again to sprout a mango.

I also had an eensy psych problem--relating to my childhood and remembering stuff growing up. I have basically cut off half my family as regards being in contact with them. Not that I don't still love them, just that it is bad for my mental health to try to deal with them. Or some such.