Friday, March 11, 2011

New project!!!

On Wednesday I went to my Embroiderer's Guild meeting, and a former president of the chapter and current designer of very cool stuff, Michele Chavez, had a new challenge project. She had done several (oh, okay, eight) Jacobean type flowers. The challenge was to interpret one or more in fiber, fabric and whatever else you wanted to toss in the mix, and to only use two different stitches on any one flower. So you could use running stitch and french knots, for instance. She also had a bunch of bits and pieces of fabric and different fibers and flosses for stitching with.

I got a bunch of little pieces of fabric in interesting textures, and also some crewel yarn and other interesting textured fibers, and decided that I am going for textures in the flowers. I think this is going to be lots of fun, and there will be lots of pictures here to look at.

Incidentally, this is the same person who caused me to make the priest's stole that started my crazy mad embroidery obsession, so big round of applause to Michele, my muse.

THE Magpie

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