Monday, September 20, 2010

Oriental flowers, Black cats, Beaded Cabochons and Quilts

So I have been taking pictures this morning, as promised.

This is a picture of the four Cats and Quilts by Diane Graebner I have finished. There are two more, one is in purples and the last in orange and yellow. I think I may add a bit of turquoise blue to that one as I think it will look nice.

Next up, Kats by Kelly, and Hangin' Out. I did change one thing on these, the outline and the rectangle are charted in black, but I used some of the colors in the piece to do them. Just my personal preference there.

This last of the cats picture is Silly Snobs "You are what you eat" and Springberry Kreek's "Shred your way to the top. Both amused me, and Shred was fun when I was doing the ornaments. How many ways can you do a circle in embroidery? I don't think I have even started plumbing the depths.

These are the flowers that I have finished for the oriental quilt. Clockwise from the top left, they are Tree Peony, Wisteria, Iris and Clematis. I've almost finished Chrysanthemum, but needed a break from the gold metallic cord backstitching.

These are the four vases I've finished. The leftmost one is from Mary Hickmatt's magazine, and the other three are from the kit titled Vase Row. I am using the same kit floss for all the vases, even the magazine ones, and since I am doing them on 18 count Aida rather than the 14 count that came with the kit, and also using one strand of floss rather than two, I don't have to worry about running out.

This is the fabric I will be using as sashing on the oriental quilt. The colors are not what I thought of when I went looking for fabric, but when I put the patches on the fabric it worked.

On to Beading. These are the flat glass marbles that I glued pictures on. I was surprised that as much of the picture is visible in the photo, actually.

This is two opal doublets and a teardrop lapis lazuli cabochon that I did beaded bezels around. The opal on the left I have been calling Dragon's Eye, the middle one is Night Star and the lapis teardrop is Perfect September Day.

This is the last picture today. It is a huge faceted CZ teardrop that I did a beaded bezel around and then made into the centerpiece of a necklace. This one was fun, and tricky, since the back is not flat but pointed and so I had to compensate for that. I used hex beads in size 8, red fire polished crystals, silver lined ruby red size 8 seed beads, dagger beads in antique bronze, gold druk beads, and olive brown fire polish crystals and matte metallic gold size 6 seed beads. I haven't got a name for this one yet.

THE Magpie


  1. hello my name is Belinda,

    you do beautiful work (if you can call it
    that to me its more of a passion lol)i loved the cobachons you have done.i do bead work myself and doing beaded bezels are such a joy and relaxing thing to do.i found some old earring pieces the other day that the crystals had fallen out of..the crystals are flat in back and so i decided to bead around them.after i finished that i added a band and made a ring it turned out mother-in-law ask me if it was a store bought ring...just thought id pass the idea on.your work is so nice i couldnt help but comment.

  2. Hi Belinda, and yes, it isn't work when you love to do it. Your ring sounds lovely. I put up a picture of a bracelet I made, some of my EGA buds made me write up the directions and teach them to make it, so I guess it appealed to more than just me.