Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eastern Empress Rose, layout of base fabrics
Easter Empress Rose, with a jade button affixed to the center with magatama beads, very small drop beads. Also called fringe beads, they are about the size of size 8 seed beads. The difference is that the hole is off center. It makes them very nice for the bottom end of fringes, hence the secondary name.

The outside of the yellow petals is being satin stitched with multicolor quilting cotton in yellow, orange, pink and lavender. The outer petals are from the purple sari, this time cut from the metallic gold zari edging.

I have twisted drop beads in pale pink with the AB coating up the center of each yellow petal. I have since enclosed them in a sheath of peach silver lined seed beads. As soon as I correct/photoshop the pictures so they look like what I am working on--the pictures seemed to come out yellowed on the computer--I'll post them. I also have to learn how to work with the new camera, as the old one died sometime before I left for Hawaii and I only found out the day before.

THE Magpie

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