Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It has been a long couple of years, filled with a lot of self discovery and tears and angst and too many of my friends and pets dying. But I am starting to come alive again, and I have so, so many projects in mind--creativity is sleeting down like...well...sleet. I lost my beloved Einstein, and a bit over a year later my even more beloved Berkeley--both were due to kidney failure. The daughter is in college now, learning to be a vet assistant, and one of the things she learned is that if it weren't for the thyroid and the kidneys, cats would live forever...and the thyroid is maintainable with medication...

I have two new kitties, both all white, named Galileo and Gandalf. What can I say, I am a total geek, and love the sciency stuff. Here are some pictures of them being totes adorable:

 Galileo, about a month after we got him, and about a year before the next picture...
 Gandalf. Don't you just love those HUGE feet?
 Galileo has claimed the new kid as his personal sleeping buddy...
Gandalf all grown up and exceeding fluffy.

Galileo is a sweetie, and he is also what I call a "caretaker kitty". If you are feeling blue, he will come and try to cheer you up. He has short hair. Gandalf is at least part Turkish Angora--a dead ringer for the pics on the net actually, so...Both have been neutered--there are enough cats still breeding to keep us up to our eyeballs in kittens already. Galileo has amber colored eyes, and Gandalf has bicolored eyes, one gold, one green. They started out much closer in color, but as he has aged, the green and gold have become more distinct. He is also completely deaf--we have learned to stomp on the floor when we want his attention, and he has learned to compensate also--meaning, he tends to hang around the cupboard where we keep the food if it is getting close to feeding time. He is also scary smart--most of my cats are, just lucky I guess, if you want to call it that, The only thing that saves us is the not having opposable thumbs. He figured out how to turn the electric can opener on...

The plan is to get some pictures of my projects up soon. Until then, keep stitching...or whatever your hobby may be.

THE Magpie

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  1. I thought for a while you might be naming cats after elements (Einsteinium, Berkelium) but I suppose shouting "Ytterby" into the garden might be confusing.

    Local Pub has a new puppy, and I've been watching him growing into his feet over the last few weeks.