Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inna Gadda Da Beada

Some people will get the reference. As soon as I figure out how to fix the spacing problem on a crystal torus I made, I'll put a picture on of it. I tried it with the size beads they called for, and didn't like the way it twisted. So I tried with the next size bead, really hated how it twisted. So I'm going to try again, with different combinations of beads etc, and see if I can get it to fold the way the picture in the magazine is. Arrgh. For those who are curious, it is the toggle loop in a gold and black bracelet in the same issue as the green and cream bracelet I am making.

So while I am thinking about that, I am working on a beaded bead from the book Seed Bead Fusion by Rachel Nelson Smith. Very cool looking things in the book, I am doing the Oothecal Bedes, page 68. I'd put a picture in here, but all I have is a little bit of the right angle weave, and it looks awful. So I took a picture of what I have so far, but I'm not posting it without something that looks a bit more like I know what I am doing. Rachel did the pieces in matte pink, shiny pink, lime and green iris, mine is done in mid blue lustre, blue iris, pearl, gold and capri blue, which sounds like more colors, but the blues are very close in color. The little bowl of beads looks lovely all mixed up together, so I'm pretty sure the bedes will look very nice.

Oh, and next month, I've signed up for a class at one of my EGA Chapters--that is Embroiderer's Guild of America, and if you like to stitch and want to hang out with likeminded people, I highly recommend you check them out. is the website. Anyway, it is a bracelet, made with firepolished crystals and seedbeads, and we had three colorways to choose from--none of them the bracelet that was there to show what it looked like :-( so I am doing it in AB crystal. The show and tell piece was done in red AB and gold, and looked very warm, hence, probably, the appeal.  Pictures will be posted when I do this.

Inna Gadda Da Vida, famous song by Iron Butterfly. I don't particularly like it anymore, mostly because the radio station I set on my alarm clock kept playing it at 4:30 AM, which was when I needed to get up, and I usually would lie in bed until the song playing on the radio when the alarm came on was over...

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