Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On goldwork and stumpwork

Found an awesome information entry in wikipedia regarding goldwork, with definitions and everything, which is good, as I have plans to do a pair of Jane Nicholas tiles from her new book. Well, actually, they are from the Inspirations Magazine out of Australia, issues 66 and 67. Issue 66 has a diamond shaped tile with a tulip, and issue 67 has a name tag with another tulip and knapweed, which looks a lot like thistle. For those interested, the website for Inspirations magazine is, and these are the two most recent issues. But I still intend to get the book.

Anyway, the goldwork entry address is:
I know that you can't always trust what is in wikipedia, but I cross referenced the information with that from the website for Benton and Johnson, as I need some materials relating to goldwork to do the two tiles. If you do, or want to try, goldwork, I advise visiting their site, for a fairly comprehensive selection of threads and wires. I don't know about pricing, as I have not really done this sort of thing, but they seemed reasonable to me.

I have no pictures today, as I have to get batteries for my camera--the new one is nice but it _Eats_ batteries. I do have an idea in my head for a box with another stumpwork piece I did mounted on the top. I'll post a picture of the piece pretty soon, as well as the box in progress. I also think I shall go back to the Benton and Johnson website to drool over pretty colored metal thread.

Oh, and a plug for Benton and Johnson. They sell the metal threads by the gram, but when I contacted them to ask for lengths of things, they got back to me the next day, and by the following day I had the information I needed. So kudos to them for their customer service, even for a new and untried customer. Kind of made me eager to toss money at them, if you see what I mean, even if they didn't have totally droolworthy stuff, which they do. Absolutely.

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